CMC Usages in Food Industry

CMC Usages in Food Industry. Fresh milk or milk powder, sucrose ester, compound stabilizer (including CMC), granulated sugar, sodium citrate, phosphate, preservative, essence and drinking water, etc.

CMC Usages in Cosmetics Industry

CMC has properties of thickening, binding, dispersing, suspending, homogenization, emulsifying and stabilizing in cosmetics industry, so CMC can be applied in any skin care cream, skin whitening cream, face powder, depilatory cream, sunscreen cream, shamp

CMC Usages in Toothpaste Industry

Calcium carbonate there light, heavy and natural three types, among which the cost of heavy calcium carbonate is the cheapest), calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate (the cost is a little higher, with which the toothpaste is bright and clean.

CMC Usages in Ceramic Industry

Ceramic grade CMC is used as plasticizer, liquefaclent and adhesion agent for blank. Applying proper CMC into ceramic blank can enhance the slurry fluidity, have water reducing effect, increase powder production rate, reduce production energy consumption

CMC Usages in Water Soluble Emulsion Coating Industry

Polymerization between common emulsion and resin emulsion is key film forming material Except adding pigment, thickening agent, dispersing agent, preservative and film forming solvent, etc is needed.

CMC Usages in Tobacco Industry

As binding agent of tobacco sheet, CMC is an ideal binder to produce tobacco sheet with roll process. Pulverize tobacco leaf into tobacco smalls, and drymix it with CMC. Then stir an mix with glycerol, chitin, phosphorous acid, perfumes and preservative.

CMC Usages in Papermaking Industry

Apply CMC into the paper pulp (add before pulping and alums mixing). CMC can disperse fiber, improve uniformity and strength of paper (bursting strength and stiffness). Using CMC with same beating degree can shorten beating time, conserve energy.

CMC Usages in Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

During the exploring, drilling and workover of petroleum oil and natural gas, the borehole wall is easy to lose water, cause the change of well diameter and collapse of oil well, so that the project can not be carried out normally, even to give up halfwa